Dudley Moore
by Rena Fruchter

The public persona of Dudley Moore was many-sided: the short, anxious member of the comic duo Pete and Dud; the hard- drinking millionaire in the phenomenally successful Arthur; the gifted concert pianist and composer; the working-class kid who won a scholarship to Oxford. His life spanned an era of brilliant British comedy and an extraordinary decade of success—and excess—in Hollywood. After a debilitating illness forced him off the stage into real life, he struggled to survive; paradoxically, he also found inner peace. Looking back on the final 15 years of his life, Rena Fruchter gives us a loving and unflinching portrait of her friend Dudley Moore.

“Gracefully written, keenly observed, Fruchter’s portrait limns the joys of friendship and of lives devoted to art.” -- Kirkus Reviews starred review

Dudley Moore--An Intimate Portrait

Rena Fruchter

Dudley Moore Book

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